Meaning of urban myth in English:

urban myth



(also North American urban legend)
  • A humorous or horrific story or piece of information circulated as though true, especially one purporting to involve someone vaguely related or known to the teller.

    ‘Starting with a friend's e-mail claiming a renowned urban legend as a true story about a mate, Manford reveals the truth about countless childhood horror stories.’
    • ‘A more obvious type of myth is that of urban legends, improbable stories of events happening to unknown people on an unspecified date.’
    • ‘We are not talking about armour here, we are talking about email chains that get circulated, some of which become urban myths and some becomes information and news to others.’
    • ‘This is either a true story or a big urban legend - I have my own opinions on that.’
    • ‘It's a pretty horrible story, mainly because it's depressingly plausible, like an urban myth that's come true.’
    • ‘These stories have already become urban legends.’
    • ‘But many urban legends are true - or at least ‘based on a true story,’ as they say in Hollywood.’
    • ‘Don't you love urban legends, those outrageous stories everyone believes?’
    • ‘These and other such stories, known as urban legends, are the focus of the book written by Whatley and Henken.’
    • ‘The Darwin Awards are not jokes or urban legends; they are true examples of human stupidity at full throttle.’
    • ‘Faithful to the tradition of urban myths, everyone swears their story is absolutely true.’
    • ‘I am writing to enquire about a piece of information that sounds to me like an urban legend.’
    • ‘Submitted for your consideration are some of the stories that have become Internet legends and urban myths.’
    • ‘You can talk about great novels, short stories, movies, or urban legends about the subject.’
    • ‘This is one of those urban myths that happens to be true.’
    • ‘I'm hoping that's an urban myth, like most of these other stories.’
    • ‘Irish riders went to shows in England and came back with this story, until it assumed the status of an urban myth.’
    • ‘This story is bogus, and part of an urban myth that has been spreading around for quite a while now.’
    • ‘If we hear a weird story often enough, we recognize it as an urban legend.’
    • ‘The story certainly has all the elements of an urban legend, so it seemed worthwhile to dig a bit deeper on this one.’