Meaning of urban renewal in English:

urban renewal


mass noun
  • The redevelopment of areas within a large city, typically involving the clearance of slums.

    ‘To get federal funds for urban renewal, cities had to find that the areas to be renewed were ‘blighted.’’
    • ‘Mufamadi visited the taxi rank area and the park to unveil details of his department's urban renewal programme for the area.’
    • ‘All such enterprises lead a tenuous existence at present, since the area is subject to the city's intense urban renewal pressures.’
    • ‘It was devoted explicitly to urban renewal in this notorious slum region of the city.’
    • ‘In Riverview near Ipswich, the Queensland Government's urban renewal program has reduced crime by more than 60 percent.’
    • ‘This sounds like a much better way to help children than more urban renewal and ‘model cities.’’
    • ‘A citizen's movement has sprung up in Leipzig to protest against the city's strategy for urban renewal.’
    • ‘Suburban sprawl continued to dominate the metropolitan area, even though urban renewal had become the rationale for the sale of inner-city industrial land for housing.’
    • ‘He said that the Corporation had encouraged land owners within the urban renewal area to develop their properties, and that this was clearly happening.’
    • ‘On the topic of urban renewal, one historic city will be expanding.’
    • ‘A number of residents I interviewed recalled the destabilizing effect of urban renewal on city neighborhoods.’
    • ‘The meeting agreed that the items on the agenda should include unemployment, the attraction of industry, traffic management, housing and urban renewal.’
    • ‘He said the City's urban renewal programme had made strides and the inner city was now experiencing an economic resurgence and improved confidence from business.’
    • ‘Some of the cities have embarked on programmes of urban renewal, with varying degrees of success.’
    • ‘Against the grains of popular convention, Jacobs exposed the havoc that highway building and urban renewal were wreaking on American cities.’
    • ‘But the minister rejected these claims and said this latest funding is part of a six-year programme of urban renewal investment.’
    • ‘The Councillor called on the Government to make urban renewal more attractive for developers.’
    • ‘This is a reminder of the Romans, who took over the city in 106 AD and settled into several centuries of urban renewal.’
    • ‘There was an unusual situation in the area in that one side of the street benefited from urban renewal while the opposite side did not.’
    • ‘My parents stayed until their home was condemned for urban renewal in 1973.’