Meaning of urbanize in English:


Pronunciation /ˈəːbənʌɪz/

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(also British urbanise)
  • Make or become urban in character.

    with object ‘once an agrarian society, the island has recently been urbanized’
    • ‘Finland is a recently urbanised society - Finland used to be predominantly rural until the late 1940s when it became more industrial.’
    • ‘Japan has been characterized as an affluent and highly mobile and urbanized society, which also appears to be safe and secure.’
    • ‘He did not initially have that much support among the tribal, recently urbanized populations of the middle to lower Euphrates, such as Kut and Amara.’
    • ‘Hospitals, schools, power facilities, water and sewage services, trash collection and every other section of infrastructure required to sustain life in a highly urbanized society have been affected.’
    • ‘More accurately, the dichotomy is between societies which are urbanised and industrialised, and those which derive their livelihoods primarily from the land.’
    • ‘People can't be occupied so easily once they are urbanized, industrialized, literate, connected by modern communications, and politically aware.’
    • ‘In a largely urbanized society, the countryside retained a fierce (perhaps exaggerated) sense of its own needs and identity.’
    • ‘In an already highly urbanised society this doesn't make sense.’
    • ‘Venezuela is one of the most urbanised societies in Latin America.’
    • ‘A strange comment from the Prime Minister of one of the most urbanised societies on earth.’
    • ‘The physical environment is characterized by a chain of mountains (the Jura), a densely urbanized plateau, and the Alps range, which forms a barrier to the south.’
    • ‘Funny how one of the most urbanised societies on earth clings to its foundation myths.’
    • ‘Now we are a largely urbanised society, and the country roots of most people have been severed.’
    • ‘Since the treaty was signed in 1840 and purchases were made until recently, and since Maori have become urbanized, the legitimacy of land claims is complex.’
    • ‘They include tribes on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, although the community has become increasingly urbanized in recent years.’
    • ‘At current rates of sprawl, 25 percent of the nation's coastal watersheds will be urbanized by 2025.’
    • ‘Even though Africa is still predominantly rural, with only about a third of the population living in urban areas, it is urbanizing faster than any other part of the world.’
    • ‘We expect to find that social well-being declines as an area becomes more urbanized.’
    • ‘The country is heavily urbanized, and urban areas have extremely high population densities.’
    • ‘More than one half of Western Europe is already urbanized and there is massive urbanizing elsewhere, particularly in the developing countries.’