Meaning of ureteral in English:


Pronunciation /jʊˈriːt(ə)rəl/


Anatomy Zoology

See ureter

‘The colon is the usual gastrointestinal source of pain in these regions but pain of ureteral, renal, adnexal, and rarely gastric origins may be felt there as well.’
  • ‘This helps the surgeon identify the ureteral orifices during bladder dissection and urethral bladder reanastomosis.’
  • ‘Other landmarks used to guide resection are the right and left ureteral orifices and the bladder neck.’
  • ‘Intermittent ureteral obstruction with bladder filling can occur in ureters that are reimplanted in abnormally lateral positions.’
  • ‘This technique involves placing an ureteroscope into the urethra the bladder and then finally up the narrow ureters to engage a ureteral stone and break it or remove it.’