Meaning of urging in English:


Pronunciation /ˈəːdʒɪŋ/


mass noun
  • 1The action of urging someone to do something.

    ‘she bought a new one at Gregory's urging’
    • ‘the urgings of the crowd made him look around’
    • ‘On his urging, she had included a small stock of black undergarments.’
    • ‘It is less certain, however, that his urging of greater distinctiveness upon fellow believers is the best way forward.’
    • ‘At his urging, I donned protective clothing and headed off in search of this tragic new affliction.’
    • ‘He lined up with young players and, at their urging, signed the shirts on their backs.’
    • ‘I get the literal meaning, but I have this urging that there is a deeper, more significant, thing to be comprehended.’
    • ‘At my urging, he set up a meeting over dinner at a Taiwanese restaurant in Shinjuku.’
    • ‘In this limited context I disagree with your urging to stop ineffective treatments.’
    • ‘At his urging, the league suspended name callers for a month, with little effect.’
    • ‘She refused my urging to go to the emergency room and assured me that she would make an appointment to see her doctor post-haste.’
    • ‘I turned back to him at his urging, losing myself in the subtle madness of the whole situation.’
    • ‘Yet Stephanie was able to ignore their urging for a breakup and they have been dating for two more years since that first incident.’
    • ‘He denied the existence of any hearing problem and appeared at the audiology clinic only at the repeated urging of his wife.’
    • ‘In his urging, he resists the dehumanizing notion that the court must not pay attention to human reality but only to the law.’
    • ‘The father lived in various places with different people until he obtained his present residence after much urging by the society.’
    • ‘At the fierce urging of his wife, he simply recognizes that his idyllic life and the safety of his family demands that he act.’
    • ‘You know I sent Dylan home at your urging because I thought he would put this whole operation in jeopardy.’
    • ‘She refused to tell me anything at first but as time passed, and with the continuous urging, she finally did open up to me.’
    • ‘They continued talking, and she continued drinking, no doubt at his urging, until her cup was empty.’
    • ‘I had been with the boy on and off for 3 years, breaking up twice at my urging.’
    • ‘When they pleaded more, I just ignored their pitiful urging and went on my way.’
    demand, demands, call, calls, urging, insistence
    1. 1.1urgingsUrges.
      ‘I have had maternal urgings’
      • ‘He was not yet old enough to understand that urgings of desire and love could overshadow such concerns.’
      • ‘But beneath the surface, he was raging with hormonal desires and bursting with unadulterated animal urgings.’