Meaning of Urochordata in English:


Pronunciation /ˌjʊərə(ʊ)kɔːˈdeɪtə/

plural noun

  • A group of chordate animals that comprises the tunicates.

    Subphylum Urochordata, phylum Chordata

    ‘Although this classification is widely accepted, some authors recognize three chordate phyla: Urochordata for the urochordates, Cephalochordata for the lancelets, and Vertebrata for the vertebrates.’
    • ‘For this reason, the three subphyla, Urochordata, Cephalochordata, and Vertebrata, will be treated separately.’
    • ‘Some zoologists would put the Urochordata closer to the Echinodermata, instead of within the Chordata proper.’
    • ‘One such taxon is the Urochordata or tunicates, a highly diverse group of organisms that live in the widest variety of marine environments spread throughout the globe.’
    • ‘The Urochordata, sometimes known as the Tunicata, are commonly known as ‘sea squirts.’’


Modern Latin (plural), from uro-‘tail’ + Chordata.