Meaning of urochordate in English:


Pronunciation /ˌjʊərə(ʊ)ˈkɔːdeɪt/


  • A marine invertebrate of the group Urochordata, which comprises the tunicates.

    ‘Chordates are divided into urochordates, cephalochordates, and vertebrates.’
    • ‘For instance, adult urochordates are typically sessile, while many vertebrates are quite active.’
    • ‘Their report that urochordates are comprised of 4 discrete lineages holds interesting implications for understanding the evolution of tadpole morphology and chordate life history.’
    • ‘In particular, there is a significant phylogenetic gap in information for the urochordates, a subphylum near the invertebrate-vertebrate transition.’
    • ‘The urochordates or tunicates are sessile (attached to the bottom) marine filter-feeders, and rather sponge-like as adults.’


  • Relating to or denoting urochordates.

    ‘This suggests that the disruption observed is specific to the urochordate lineage.’
    • ‘These data further support the hypothesis that duplication and differentiation giving rise to cardiac and skeletal genes occurred following divergence of the urochordate and vertebrate ancestors.’
    • ‘The phylogenic analysis implies that the multiple actinin isoforms found in modern vertebrates arose after the divergence of the vertebrate and urochordate lineages.’
    • ‘The authors added many new hemichordate and urochordate taxa to the database and found strongly supported relationships among the major deuterostome groups.’