Meaning of urography in English:


Pronunciation /jʊˈrɒɡrəfi/


another term for pyelography
‘Investigations of the upper urinary tract, such as intravenous urography and ultrasonography, may be appropriate for referred renal pain.’
  • ‘Intravenous urography is no longer the gold standard for diagnosing urolithiasis.’
  • ‘Computed tomographic scan and urography showed no tumor.’
  • ‘The authors prefer computed tomography without contrast when urolithiasis is suspected, and computed tomographic urography when stone disease is clinically unlikely.’
  • ‘Cystoscopy and excretory urography or renal ultrasonography were used to evaluate almost all of the patients.’
  • ‘On urography, the collecting systems are splayed.’
  • ‘Intravenous pyelography, also known as intravenous urography, is a procedure to X-ray the urinary system.’
  • ‘If all these investigations were negative, intravenous urography, cystoscopy, and renal computed tomography were proposed, with indefinite regular follow up thereafter.’
  • ‘The conventional investigative approach, intravenous urography, exposes the patient to the risks of radiation and reaction to contrast media.’
  • ‘We obtained the radiographs of patients aged 40-85 years who had undergone intravenous urography between 1994 and 1996.’