Main meanings of v in English

: v1V2V3


(also v.)

Pronunciation /viː/

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  • 1Grammar

  • 2(in textual references) verse.

    • ‘the use of the dī phrase in v.44’
  • 3Verso.

  • 4Versus.

    ‘Portsmouth v Coventry City’
    • ‘the case of Stacey v Babcock Power Ltd’
  • 5Very.

  • 6(in textual references) vide.

  • Velocity.

Main meanings of V in English

: v1V2V3


(also v)

Pronunciation /viː/

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nounVs, V's

  • 1The twenty-second letter of the alphabet.

    ‘The letter V has been assigned the number 4 in numerology.’
    • ‘List every girl's name that you can think of that begins with the letter V.’
    • ‘What are some adjectives that begins with V?’
    1. 1.1Denoting the next after U in a set of items, categories, etc.
      ‘Initially all triangles are placed in set V.’
      • ‘If a site has been identified as falling into Category V, this will become apparent when a title search has been conducted by a buyer's lawyer.’
  • 2

    (also vee)
    A shape like that of a letter V.

    in combination ‘deep, V-shaped valleys’
    • ‘When they finally came, it was in their tens of thousands, in vees and columns of up to two hundred birds at a time.’
    • ‘I also love off the shoulder tops, or tops with a deep vee or wide neck.’
    • ‘I placed the centre front seam on the fold of the fabric and cut the vee to more of a curve.’
    • ‘However, as the second vee of bombers approached only two F4Fs were in position to attack.’
    • ‘Mary looked confused suddenly, her perfectly sculpted eyebrows forming a vee as she frowned.’
    • ‘The filter is located in the center of the vee, between the two rows of cylinders so it can be reached easily from above.’
    • ‘Tooling mortar joints with a steel jointer - whether concave, vee, or grapevine - makes the wall more attractive and smooths the joints to a more weather-resistant finish.’
    1. 2.1as modifier Denoting an internal combustion engine with a number of cylinders arranged in two rows at an angle to each other in a V-shape.
      ‘a V-engine’
      • ‘The bonnet may be the shortest seen on a Jaguar and shows just how compact a body the V-engine design can allow.’
      • ‘Externally, all V-engined Passats are differentiated from lesser models by their red-tinted tail lights.’
      • ‘Its supercharged V8 betters the Corvette's output by 100 horsepower.’
  • 3The Roman numeral for five.

    ‘By 1364 he was in Paris, working for Charles V.’
    • ‘Fifteen years after starring in Rocky V, Sylvester Stallone is reprising his role as the boxing champ in the sixth Rocky movie.’
    • ‘Chapter V lays down certain important provisions that are common to the right of residence and permanent residence.’
    • ‘Act V takes the form of a single extended scene.’

Main meanings of V in English

: v1V2V3


Pronunciation /viː/

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  • 1Vatican City (international vehicle registration).

  • 2Volt(s).

  • 1The chemical element vanadium.

  • 2Voltage or potential difference.

    • ‘V = IR’
  • 3(in mathematical formulae) volume.

    • ‘pV = nRT’