Meaning of vaatjie in English:



(also vatje)
South African
  • A small cask for carrying water or wine.

    ‘He left his little vaatjie and other things with Mother, and set off.’
    • ‘This cost him three hundred pounds in cash, twenty-five guns, one salted horse and a vaatjie of brandy.’
    • ‘All they had were a few biscuits, and for water they had to depend on the lukewarm liquid left in the vaatjie hanging under the wagon.’
    • ‘No doubt many a shooting party assembled on the beach with a sheep for their braaivleis, a vaatjie of wine and a sack of sweet potatoes for the embers.’
    • ‘With Temperance Societies and the stimulating music of the Blue Ribbon Army, there would be fewer clients to make an illegal purchase of a brandy vaatjie in a backstreet.’
    • ‘Just to oblige you, I give you the vatje and you give me the girl!’
    • ‘Two men met us this forenoon with two calabashes of sweet milk, which we deposited in one of the water-vatjes.’



/ˈfʌɪki/ /ˈfʌɪtʃi/


Mid 19th century Afrikaans, from vaat ‘vat’ + the diminutive suffix -tjie.