Meaning of vacay in English:


Pronunciation /ˈveɪkeɪ/


(also vaca)
informal North American
  • A holiday.

    • ‘I'm in France right now, on vacay’
    • ‘the couple jetted off to an undisclosed location for a romantic vacay’
    • ‘Put the souvenirs in a scrapbook to piece together the story of your vacay.’
    • ‘We are getting ready to leave on vacay to go visit my family in Arizona for a couple of weeks.’
    • ‘Make the most of a vacay by doing the group thing full-on.’
    • ‘Author's Note: I leave for vacay tomorrow.’
    • ‘Where'd ya go on vacay?’
    • ‘I'll catch you up later in terms of what I did on my spring vacay, so to speak.’
    • ‘Sadly I always yearn for vacays but when on them, I long to be on another, different vacay, a vacay of the future in which I am already planning an amended, better, more relaxing itinerary than the present one.’
    • ‘He has people for the mundane things, so he can keep his focus on campaigning, golf, basketball and vacays.’
    • ‘And they seem to be extra close - traveling on vacays together and spending weekends with his fam.’
    • ‘The new ST retains its predecessor's ability to traverse through ridges and uneven terrain with buttery smooth ease and is just as well suited to family vacays and road trips as the previous model.’
    • ‘The wife and I want to get away for a short vaca.’
    • ‘I went there when I went on vaca a couple of years back.’
    trip, tour, break, stopover


1990s informal abbreviation of vacation.