Meaning of vaccinia in English:


Pronunciation /vakˈsɪnɪə/


mass nounMedicine
  • Cowpox, or the virus which causes it.

    ‘Smallpox vaccine contains live vaccinia virus, a milder cousin of the variola virus.’
    • ‘A live, replicating virus, vaccinia can cause side effects, which on rare occasions can be serious and potentially life-threatening.’
    • ‘Jenner waited only four years before declaring that the vaccine that he named vaccinia provided immunity from smallpox for life.’
    • ‘The live vaccinia virus that is used for the smallpox vaccination is admittedly the most dangerous vaccine in use.’
    • ‘Then the immune-impaired and those susceptible to vaccinia complications could be inoculated against vaccinia while everyone else is inoculated against smallpox.’


Early 19th century modern Latin, from Latin vaccinus (see vaccine).