Meaning of vaccinology in English:


Pronunciation /vaksɪˈnɒlədʒi/


mass noun
  • The branch of medicine concerned with the development of vaccines.

    ‘The report also details how new technologies promise to create a renaissance in the already energized field of vaccinology.’
    • ‘An opening plenary review session on vaccinology today will be followed by two plenary sessions on applied immunology.’
    • ‘The future of vaccinology provides tremendous promise for controlling diseases.’
    • ‘A key feature will include regular academic exchanges between Thai medical experts and GlaxoSmithKline vaccinology as well as training and development programs.’
    • ‘Faculty in Veterinary Microbiology are involved in research in infectious diseases and vaccinology, diagnostics, immunology, epidemiology, virology and parasitology.’
    • ‘None the less, the prospect of both preventing and treating many serious diseases by the use of vaccines portends an exciting era in public health and vaccinology.’
    • ‘If you look at the whole field of vaccinology, nobody was more influential. "’
    • ‘Offit is a paediatrician and the Maurice R Hilleman professor of vaccinology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.’
    • ‘We are greatly pleased to have received our first formal recognition from the National Institute of Health for our program in HIV vaccinology.’
    • ‘Despite Hilleman's many breakthroughs in immunology and vaccinology, he has never been a household name.’
    • ‘The Pathology Department has research projects in oncology, endocrinology, vaccinology, toxicology, and infectious diseases, particularly of wildlife.’
    • ‘Starting in 1986, when she embarked on a fellowship in parasitology and vaccinology at the National Institutes of Health, she's dedicated herself to developing vaccines for AIDS and tuberculosis.’
    • ‘Besides describing the state of the science, this edition of The Jordan Report reviews the last two decades and highlights important achievements in the field of vaccinology.’
    • ‘The whole field of vaccinology is characterized by stops and starts, successes and failures.’
    • ‘The Jordan Report 2000 highlights the triumphs of vaccinology during the 20th century.’
    • ‘Gene vaccines borrow from both traditional vaccinology and gene therapy.’