Meaning of vacuolar in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvakjʊələ/



See vacuole

‘For example, during the second year of their biennial life cycle, sprouting red beet plants require the mobilization of vacuolar sucrose from the underground hypocotyl.’
  • ‘Feedback on citrate metabolism by vacuolar storage may also be incorporated in the model as new data become available to quantify the activities of tonoplastic transport systems.’
  • ‘Similarly demyelination of the posterior columns of the spinal cord was observed in nearly half of the autopsied cases, while vacuolar myelopathy was rare.’
  • ‘Cold sweetening so far has been attributed to soluble, vacuolar invertase rather than to cell-wall-bound invertase.’
  • ‘Therefore, it is important to investigate the organization of the vacuolar system during differentiation in order to clarify its role in metabolic processes.’