Meaning of vacuum extractor in English:

vacuum extractor


  • A cup-shaped appliance for performing vacuum extraction in childbirth.

    Also called ventouse

    ‘When such problems occur during the second stage of labour, birth can be hastened by application of obstetric forceps or the vacuum extractor.’
    • ‘Women who use epidurals are more likely to need a vacuum extractor or forceps put on their baby's head to help pull the baby out of their body.’
    • ‘In the United States, the forceps has been preferred, although the vacuum extractor is becoming increasingly popular.’
    • ‘If instruments are needed for the delivery, a vacuum extractor is less likely to lead to an episiotomy than are forceps.’
    • ‘But sometimes, they have to use forceps or vacuum extractors to help a baby out, and sometimes that results in more damage to the mother.’