Meaning of vagrantly in English:



See vagrant

‘Diffused surface water flowing vagrantly over the surface of the ground is not considered to be public water.’
  • ‘If all of these people are simply reading, why aren't they vagrantly loitering at a library?’
  • ‘No person shall vagrantly loiter, lounge or sleep in or on the streets.’
  • ‘Anyone who has ever been exposed to my pathetic scribblings quickly deduces that one of my principal flaws - among many others - is an irresistible impulse to jot down every idea that ever vagrantly floated across my imagination.’
  • ‘But Baby Warren wanted to talk to Dick, wanted to talk to him with the impetus that sent her out vagrantly toward all new men, as though she were on an inelastic tether and considered that she might as well get to the end of it as soon as possible.’