Meaning of vagueness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈveɪɡnɪs/

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mass noun
  • 1Lack of certainty or distinctness.

    ‘Sue worries about the vagueness of the plans’
    • ‘their vision for reform has been shrouded in vagueness’
    • ‘The Dickenses were to move house twice during the first two years of Charles's life, and the novelist later recalled Portsmouth with considerable vagueness.’
    • ‘There were many good memories, but I have a lot of vagueness over the years.’
    • ‘More important than her posture of self-martyring altruism was the vagueness of her masochistic grandiosity.’
    • ‘The vagueness of the crimes and ties between the characters only adds to the baffling nature of the plot.’
    • ‘It was all vagueness, in a hazy holiday benevolence.’
    impreciseness, inexactness, lack of precision, ambiguity, woolliness, looseness, unclearness, obscurity, indistinctness, generality, indefiniteness, indeterminateness, haziness, cloudiness, fuzziness, mistiness, lack of definition
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    1. 1.1Lack of preciseness in thought or communication.
      ‘the vagueness of terms does nothing to aid understanding’
      • ‘there is a certain vagueness in his account that I find troubling’
      • ‘His reform strategies tend to be weakened either by vagueness or internal contradiction.’
      • ‘Whilst facilitating the adoption of this model by employers, legislative vagueness about the issue subverts the effectiveness of union resistance.’
      • ‘The 'story', if it can be called that, opens in mystery and proceeds through ambiguity, equivocation, and vagueness.’
      • ‘The vagueness is what keeps us engaged until the surprise ending.’
      • ‘Her extensive understanding of war's horror contrasts with the ridiculous vagueness of her father's telegram announcing Victor's wounding.’
      absent-mindedness, forgetfulness, disorganization, dreaminess, inattention, abstraction, wool-gathering, empty-headedness, giddiness, confusion, befuddlement
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