Meaning of Vaisya in English:



(also Vaishya)
  • A member of the third of the four Hindu castes, comprising the merchants and farmers.

    ‘The Seniority of Brahmanas is from Sacred Knowledge, that of Kshatriyas from valour, that of Vaisyas from wealth in grain, but that of Sudras is from age alone.’
    • ‘The ‘twice-born’ - initiated members of the three upper castes, Brahmans, Kshatriyas, and Vaisyas - should avoid garlic, onions, turnips, and mushrooms.’
    • ‘Besides, though he was a Vaishya by caste, he was all praise for the Varnashrama institution of India.’
    • ‘Vaishyas were not required to participate in the military or politics.’
    • ‘The Vaishyas had to pay tribute for the lands that they got from the Kshatriya nobles.’



/ˈvʌɪsjə/ /ˈvʌɪʃjə/


From Sanskrit vaiśya ‘peasant, labourer’.