Meaning of vajazzle in English:


Pronunciation /vəˈdʒaz(ə)l/


[with object] informal
  • Adorn the pubic area (of a woman) with crystals, glitter, or other decoration.

    • ‘when the series debuted, it kicked off a certain amount of fascination with the glamorous world of fake tans and vajazzling’
    • ‘There is a new trend sweeping the nether regions of girls everywhere: vajazzling!’
    • ‘"Suddenly, my teenage friends are popping off to get vajazzled."’
    • ‘In case you haven't heard of the latest beauty trend, vajazzling takes the bikini wax one step further.’
    • ‘Just when you thought the evil estheticians have gone far enough by making the full Brazilian a bodily "must have," now comes vajazzling.’
    • ‘Vajazzling has become a national craze thanks to the ITV2 smash hit.’
    • ‘True to her quirky nature the Essex girl upped her glamorous ways and traded in vajazzling for a scouse-brow.’
    • ‘The next episode of Tallafornia features some racy footage of 'vajazzling' and a massive love triangle bust-up.’
    • ‘I'm on my way to get vajazzled.’
    • ‘Vajazzling is the final frontier in personal embellishments.’
    • ‘"Vajazzling" has become fashionable in certain quarters after featuring in the amusing "reality" series The Only Way Is Essex.’
    • ‘Last week before we went away for our anniversary I got vajazzled.’
    • ‘Amy Childs is set to vajazzle her 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemates as part of this afternoon's task.’


  • A beauty treatment in which a woman's pubic hair is adorned with crystals, glitter, or other decoration.


Early 21st century probably from vagina or vajayjay and bedazzle.