Meaning of vakil in English:


Pronunciation /vəˈkiːl/


(also vakeel)
  • 1A lawyer or solicitor.

    ‘The guilty was sentenced to transportation for life, despite the best efforts of his vakils.’
    • ‘The judge must have laughed, and the vakils no doubt enjoyed the spectacle.’
    • ‘The High Court of Judicature shall have the power to approve, admit and enroll advocates, vakils and attorneys-at-law.’
    • ‘It was highly important that justice should be administered in a language familiar to the litigant parties, to their vakeels and to the people at large.’
    • ‘The root of the whole evil is useless expenditure in legislation, that delights the thieves, rogues, and vakeels.’
  • 2An agent or representative.

    ‘Vakils in the Mughal period were actually mediators.’
    • ‘All European Companies used to engage Armenian vakils to represent them and their cause.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the visiting vakils from Iran seems to have taught them certain practices.’
    • ‘The Princes were each mounted on an elephant richly caparisoned, and seated in a silver howder, and were attended by their father's vakeels, and the persons already mentioned, also on elephants.’
    • ‘There the vakils, Government officials, teachers and students received him at the landing and took him to the Vidyalaya.’


From Persian and Urdu wakīl, Turkish vakīl, from Arabic wakīl.