Main meanings of valerian in English

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Pronunciation /vəˈlɪərɪən/

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  • 1A Eurasian plant which typically bears clusters of small pink or white flowers.

    Family Valerianaceae: several species, in particular common valerian (Valeriana officinalis), a valued medicinal herb, and the Mediterranean red valerian (Centranthus ruber), grown for its spurred flowers which attract butterflies

    ‘Down by the pool, sown among the large white rocks that were dug out of the hillside to accommodate it, are white valerians, more grasses, lavenders and sages.’
    • ‘Unless it's the drug-like catnips and valerians, most cats ignore growing things.’
    • ‘The herbs chamomile, valerian, yarrow, nettle, comfrey and dandelion can help make a success of your compost heap.’
    • ‘Plant red valerian and centranthus, with their domes of nectar-rich flowers against walls or in cracks and crevices.’
    • ‘A huge number of red and white valerian seedlings have germinated and are waiting to be thinned out, which is a bit of a chore but worth it for their frothy pink and white flowers.’
    1. 1.1mass noun A drug obtained from the root of common valerian, used as a sedative and antispasmodic.
      ‘Unlike synthetic sedatives, valerian is not considered addictive.’
      • ‘An alternative remedy for insomnia is valerian, a herbal medicine that has some reported positive effects but has not been exhaustively clinically investigated.’
      • ‘In animal and clinical studies, valerian has proven to act as a mild sedative and tranquilizer, thereby aiding sleep, even among chronic pain sufferers.’
      • ‘Only one independent group has tested valerian.’
      • ‘Take 75 mg of kava-kava or 150 to 300 mg of valerian, both in capsule form.’


Late Middle English from Old French valeriane, from medieval Latin valeriana (herba), apparently the feminine of Valerianus ‘of Valerius’ (a personal name).

Main meanings of Valerian in English

: valerian1Valerian2


Pronunciation /vəˈlɪərɪən/

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proper noun

  • (died 260), Roman emperor 253–260; Latin name Publius Licinius Valerianius. He renewed the persecution of the Christians that was initiated by Decius.