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Scandinavian Mythology
  • Each of Odin's twelve handmaids who conducted the slain warriors of their choice from the battlefield to Valhalla.

    ‘It was believed that when a Viking died in battle, a warrior maiden called a Valkyrie escorted him to Valhalla.’
    • ‘Brynhild, a Valkyrie, disobeyed Odin and was put to sleep until she would be woken by a man.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most widely known of legendary women warriors are the Greek Amazons and the Nordic Valkyries.’
    • ‘Five minutes ago she was screaming like a Valkyrie and fighting like a demon, and now she was being gentle and sorry?’
    • ‘Some Vikings envisioned the Valkyries carrying torches - or reflected light off their shields - as they led slain warriors to Valhalla.’



/valˈkɪəri/ /ˈvalkɪri/


From Old Norse Valkyrja, literally ‘chooser of the slain’, from valr ‘the slain’ + kyrja ‘chooser’.