Meaning of Valley Girl in English:

Valley Girl



informal US
  • A fashionable and affluent teenage girl from the San Fernando valley in southern California.

    • ‘Sloane Rangers and Valley Girls have slang’
    • ‘the surfers, Valley Girl accents and hustling gurus’
    • ‘She adopted a Valley Girl persona, and didn't seem comfortable playing a character that was supposed to be a version of herself.’
    • ‘From everything I've read, I was expecting a doltish, giggling Valley Girl.’
    • ‘Only by adopting their lilting, Valley Girl voice inflections can one gain their growing approval and, ultimately, an invitation to join them at a party.’
    • ‘Many Easterners seem to think that bubble-headed Valley Girls and semi-literate movie moguls populate the area (stereotypes reinforced, of course, by Hollywood).’
    • ‘According to local college valley girl, "It's like literally hotter than the sun".’