Meaning of valuate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvaljʊeɪt/


[with object]mainly North American
  • Estimate the worth or quality of (something); appraise.

    ‘they valuate the land at half a million an acre’
    • ‘There is no way to valuate these companies using a standard formula.’
    • ‘Their website allows people to valuate your car for free and get results in just 45 seconds.’
    • ‘The objective of this study is to valuate two biomarkers that may guide nutritional assessment.’
    • ‘Employers must take a holistic view to assess and valuate their risk for increased tax liabilities under the law.’
    • ‘He said that over the past 10 years the village council did not valuate properties and prices were not fixed.’
    • ‘We need a thoughtful approach to determining how new life-changing therapies are valuated and paid for.’
    • ‘Critics believe that the equation ignores the psychological effects in terms of valuating a currency.’
    • ‘The six-year-old company had been valuated by private investors at a reported $3 billion last year.’
    • ‘Were the German economy to be the only one used to valuate the Euro, the Euro would gain anywhere from 20 to 40%.’
    • ‘Valuing any business is a tough task, but valuating a software company is a special challenge.’