Meaning of value-free in English:




  • Free from criteria imposed by subjective values or standards; purely objective.

    ‘real science could and should be value-free’
    • ‘Perhaps a researcher can also shield herself from sorrow by attempting to conduct objective value-free research on subjective emotion-drenched issues.’
    • ‘These assumptions have meant that science since the seventeenth century has been widely considered to be objective, value-free, context-free knowledge of the external world.’
    • ‘But most sociologists of religion still tend to do ethnography the traditional way, one that purports to be objective and therefore value-free.’
    • ‘We believe that these cases illustrate the principle that interpretations of clinical trial results are often neither objective nor value-free.’
    • ‘These criteria need not be fixed or rigid, but I do not believe that these criteria are ever value-free.’
    • ‘No method of assessing an economic system can be value-free.’
    • ‘And within science, theory strives for a value-free view of reality.’
    • ‘I do not pretend that my history can be genuinely value-free.’
    • ‘The assumption is that science gives us facts that are objective, rational, and value-free.’
    • ‘Science always reflects the values of scientists - the difference here is that we state our values up front and do not pretend scientific methods make findings value-free.’
    • ‘The scientific community increasingly recognizes that science itself is not a value-free activity and, therefore, the choice of what research to undertake and how to undertake it must be governed by ethical principles.’
    • ‘The scientific definition should be value-neutral or value-free.’
    • ‘When science becomes completely value-free and controlled privately, ethics are lost.’
    • ‘First, it becomes obvious that New Political Economy, if understood as an analytical tool to produce value-free statements about the preferability of alternative social orders, is bound to fail.’
    • ‘The concept of civilization is not a neutral, value-free concept.’
    • ‘Davenport also sought to rid economic theory of any dependence on ethical value judgments, and the entire character of his major works is infused with the attempt to make economics as value-free as possible.’
    • ‘Moreover, the fear of being criticized by pressure groups encourages curriculum writers and textbook publishers to make their instructional materials value-free from the outset.’
    • ‘The terms ‘perfect competition’ or ‘market failure’ are not value-free; they are laden with implications.’
    • ‘He went on to employ value-free economic reasoning to support his argument that the systems of socialism and interventionism would not be capable of achieving these goals.’
    • ‘If public schools do not permit prayer of any particular religion, that does not make the schools value-free; it just makes them nondenominational.’