Meaning of value judgement in English:

value judgement



  • An assessment of something as good or bad in terms of one's standards or priorities.

    ‘this is a value judgement which they are entitled to make’
    • ‘the specification of this standard is pure value judgement’
    • ‘I am expressing an opinion, a value judgement, which is not subject to the law.’
    • ‘Although the term underfunding is essentially a value judgment, there is evidence that UK spending is lower (as a proportion of gross domestic product) than that of other countries we like to compare ourselves with.’
    • ‘‘In my view the Committee should assess the evidence overall and make a proper value judgment on the whole of that evidence’.’
    • ‘The assessment requires the judge to make a value judgment.’
    • ‘I enjoyed looking into other people's baskets and trying to guess what their home life was like… usually ending up with a value judgment on someone's wealth by the items they buy.’
    • ‘Pryor: ‘We made a value judgment and changed our plan and went another weekend.’’
    • ‘I think you're basing that argument on a paternalistic value judgment about the merits of smoking, though.’
    • ‘We have to make a best value judgment based on the information made available to us.’
    • ‘Applied to behavior, especially sexual behavior, the disease label combines a description with a covert value judgment.’
    • ‘Second, the notion that members of a group are entitled to preferences due to past injustices is a value judgment that anyone can question.’
    • ‘When weighing all these issues, ethical as well as health and social, it seems clear that any decision contains a value judgment.’
    • ‘In any debate on balancing the various and sometimes conflicting imperatives of the range of human rights, at some point a value judgment has to be made.’
    • ‘You spot somebody from a distance and, within a split second, you have made a value judgment about them.’
    • ‘Ultimately, the decision about whether a given action is ethical or not will rely on a value judgement, a decision as much based on internal, personal values as on external, objective rules for what is important or right.’
    • ‘Of course, these people that think I'm wonderful for going out to work, or driving a car are making a value judgement about my existance.’
    • ‘I hope you see I am talking about practicalities here and not offering a value judgement as such.’
    • ‘I also question the wisdom of the value judgement that a person is only worthwhile if they work.’
    • ‘Now of course, there's a clear value judgement there, and one that is not necessarily correct.’
    • ‘Cost effectiveness is concerned with additional costs for additional units of benefit; it requires a value judgment about whether additional spending to obtain additional benefits is worth while.’
    • ‘You'll have to make a value judgment in those cases.’