Meaning of valuer general in English:

valuer general

nounplural noun valuers general

  • A state official who assesses properties for rating and taxation purposes.

    ‘queries regarding land tax exemption should be directed to the office of the valuer general’
    • ‘He disputes the Valuer General's latest valuation of his land.’
    • ‘Based on what the Valuer General decided about the region, the council shouldn't have raised island rates at all!’
    • ‘Figures from the Valuer General show metropolitan home sales fell to a 15-year low in 2011.’
    • ‘The assessed annual value of residential properties across five northern Councils have increased by up to 22 per cent, according to the Valuer General's office.’
    • ‘The value of land in NSW jumped by more than 11 per cent, exceeding $1.12 trillion, according to new figures released by the NSW Valuer General.’
    • ‘The proposal for the valuer general was one of many contained in the controversial Green Paper on land reform.’
    • ‘The legislation would allow the valuer general to apply the reduced values for the 2015-16 rating year.’
    • ‘The Valuer General estimates land tax to return to the long-term average of 10 per cent per annum.’
    • ‘The land had been valued at $30 million by the state's Valuer General.’
    • ‘He expected the valuer general to alter the adjustment factor, which is one aspect that helps to determine council rates.’