Meaning of valvate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvalveɪt/


  • (of sepals or other parts) having adjacent edges abutting rather than overlapping.

    Compare with imbricate

    ‘Terminal buds bear imbricate, scaly buds except in the bitternut hickory which has valvate or foliate buds.’
    • ‘The flowers display valvate, distinct, or connate sepals and petals.’
    • ‘If buds are present, it is easy to distinguish the valvate, bright yellow buds of Carya cordiformis from the other Carya species, which have ovate buds with overlapping brown scales.’
    • ‘The perianth is commonly uniseriate, consisting of 3-5 valvate, basally connate sepals, but sometimes an equal number of petals are also present.’
    • ‘The petals have very brief valvate apices.’


Early 19th century from Latin valvatus ‘having folding doors’, from valva ‘valve’.