Meaning of valve gear in English:

valve gear

Pronunciation /ˈvalv ɡɪə/


  • The mechanism that controls the opening and closing of the cylinder valves in a steam engine or internal combustion engine.

    ‘Without a way to rebuild the engine at the track, he sat out the rest of qualifying and rolled the car out for the first round of eliminations with the valve gear on the offending cylinder disabled, so the car was running on three cylinders.’
    • ‘The engine features refinements such as a redesigned alternator, an engine-mounted air-filter and valve gear utilising roller-ended rocker arms.’
    • ‘So long a run could not have been achieved before modification of the valve gear, as the high coal consumption would have emptied the tender of fuel far from ‘home’.’
    • ‘The valve gear was between the frames and was of an almost unique scissors type.’
    • ‘If viable gas reserves are discovered the rig will be removed and replaced with valve gear to allow further evaluation.’