Meaning of valve head in English:

valve head


  • The part of a vertically opening valve that is lifted off the valve aperture to open the valve.

    ‘It had a 24 valve head from a 6 series car, complete with twin overhead cams.’
    • ‘It now has a twin-cam 16 valve head and common rail direct injection is used, along with the usual turbocharger and intercooler.’
    • ‘This engine, with its more efficient 16 valve head, is actually more economical than the less powerful version.’
    • ‘Their development programs hit pay dirt with developments like 4 - valve head configurations in the late 1990s as engines transitioned from indirect-injected to direct-injected engines.’
    • ‘The V - 8's three valve heads are smaller than the previous engine's two-valve heads, reducing weight.’