Meaning of valveless in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvalvləs/


See valve

‘It is equipped with a patented four-stroke valveless engine and automatic transmission.’
  • ‘Being a valveless instrument, the Alphorn produces only those pitches that occur in the natural overtone or harmonic series.’
  • ‘The low cardiac output manifests as fatigue, while the higher end diastolic pressure is transmitted backwards through the valveless pulmonary veins to the pulmonary capillaries, resulting in exertional dyspnoea.’
  • ‘The device, made of titanium and steel, is a valveless, electrically powered pump that fits directly into the heart's left ventricle and continuously pushes blood throughout the body.’
  • ‘Norrington's line-up is mainly modern, with some period wind instruments and valveless brass.’