Meaning of valvular in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvalvjʊlə/


  • Relating to, having, or acting as a valve or valves.

    ‘valvular heart disease’
    • ‘three pairs of valvular apertures’
    • ‘In 1995, she received a diagnosis of mild valvular heart disease.’
    • ‘Echocardiograms did not reveal left heart dysfunction or valvular disease in any patient.’
    • ‘It also allows the physician to identify and rule out other potential causes of the patient's symptoms, such as valvular lesions, pericardial disease, and pulmonary hypertension.’
    • ‘Narrowing of the arteries and valvular disease of the heart both replace the relative quiet of smooth blood flow with the gurgles of turbulence.’
    • ‘We decided to monitor his valvular disease with clinical examinations and echocardiograms.’


Late 18th century from modern Latin valvula (diminutive of Latin valva ‘leaf of a door’) + -ar.