Meaning of vambrace in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvambreɪs/


  • A piece of armour for the arm, especially the forearm.

    ‘He shrugged his shoulders, trying to get comfortable in his suit of chainmail, but his vambraces were making his forearm feel heavy.’
    • ‘He was now clad in only his cotton tunic and trousers with the leather vambraces remaining on his forearms, his riding boots and a belt around his lean waist.’
    • ‘The vambrace features a rolled edge and carries the same design as the proceeding plates.’
    • ‘It is also possible that a few warriors may have worn leather vambraces, or have used leather bindings similar to ‘puttes’ to protect their forearms.’
    • ‘Each soldier had the same vambraces.’


Middle English from an Anglo-Norman French shortening of Old French avantbras, from avant ‘before’ + bras ‘arm’. Compare with vamplate.