Meaning of vampire squid in English:

vampire squid

nounplural noun vampire squid, plural noun vampire squids

  • A small cephalopod having a dark body covered in light-producing organs, large reddish eyes, and a web of skin connecting the arms.

    The vampire squid is the sole surviving member of the order Vampyromorphida

    ‘Chemosynthetic archaea that cluster around geothermal vents, ghostly pale crabs, red-lipped tube worms; viperfish, bioluminescent anglerfish, basket stars, vampire squid.’
    • ‘In the Monterey Submarine Canyon at depths of 2,100 feet (645 meters) and more, is a cold, dark world inhabited by strange creatures including vampire squid and football fish.’
    • ‘The bay is home to squids including the giant squid, the seven-arm octopus (the largest in the world) and the bizarre vampire squid.’
    • ‘The vampire squid, however, is not a blood-thirsty predator as its name suggests.’
    • ‘Thin skin connects the vampire squid's tentacles.’