Meaning of vampy in English:


adjectiveadjective vampier, adjective vampiest


See vamp

‘She pulled off a really great show but I would love to see her put on more of a show maybe by being more of a dark vampy temptress.’
  • ‘With the vintage costumes, the vampy dance moves, and the occasionally campy songs, the entertainers' underlying message to their customers seems clear: We may have come-hither eyes, but this is all an act.’
  • ‘He was notoriously unfaithful, often falling prey to the charms of vampy female villains.’
  • ‘Skinny, vampy and a little scary in a mirrored slip that resembles chain mail, she obviously favours action over dialogue; there are no dedications or scene-setting preambles.’
  • ‘A vampy Lilith in a red dress narrates the action for the benefit of younger viewers, keeping up the energy level.’