Meaning of Van der Hum in English:

Van der Hum

Pronunciation /ˌvan də ˈhʌm/


mass noun
  • A South African brandy-based liqueur made with naartjies (mandarin oranges).

    ‘One drink that found special favor was a blend a of brandy, tangerines, herbs, and spices; it was named Van der Hum after its original creator.’
    • ‘Pour one glass of Pierre Jourdan Belle Rose into a champagne flute glass and float one dash of Van der Hum over the bubbly.’
    • ‘Well, for starters, in all my digging through the two finest wine and spirits shops in Los Angeles, I'd never once seen Van der Hum liqueur.’
    • ‘Cover bowl with foil to keep in all the fragrance of the Van der Hum.’
    • ‘The first 20 people to sign up will receive a free bottle of Van der Hum Cream Liqueur.’


Perhaps from a personal name.