Meaning of Vandemonian in English:


Pronunciation /ˌvandɪˈməʊnɪən/


  • 1Australian humorous A person from Tasmania.

    ‘four of the six finalists were Vandemonians’
    • ‘It was politically expedient for Vandemonians to distract attention from events on their island to those on an island far away.’
    • ‘There were individual companies of French, Swedish and Germans as well as Irish and Vandemonians.’
    • ‘He found Vandemonians to be men who believed they had no equal even though they were only paltry shopkeepers.’
    • ‘Self-interested Vandemonians had been dripping poison in ears at home.’
    • ‘Because of its associations with the convict settlement in that colony, the people there were called Vandemonians.’
    1. 1.1 historical A convict transported to Tasmania.
      ‘he was a sinister-looking man, who might have been a Vandemonian in his day’
      • ‘Hostility in the colony towards Vandemonians was building up.’
      • ‘The Vandemonians, generally speaking, have some good traits about them, that are seldom met amongst those from the "Sydney side."’
      • ‘They could do little to stem the movement of Vandemonians, reinforced by bolters from New South Wales and prisoners shipped to Victoria from Pentonville.’
      • ‘Pentonvillains and time-expired Vandemonians were still sought at Geelong.’
      • ‘Twelve Vandemonians with blackened faces pushed off from shore in two whale boats.’
      • ‘The Vandemonians would be provided with one of the stipendiary solicitors practising at Sydney.’
      • ‘Application of such concepts as pervade Convict Workers has enhanced the image of the Vandemonians' broader role.’
      • ‘After sounding out opinion in Sydney, Gipps permitted him to take a handful of the Vandemonians.’
      • ‘Much of his narrative concerns the sensational adventures of police officers pursuing Vandemonians.’
      • ‘Soon, every unsolved crime in Victoria was automatically blamed on the Vandemonians.’


Mid 19th century from Vandemonia.