Meaning of vanessid in English:


Pronunciation /vəˈnɛsɪd/


  • A butterfly of a group that includes many of the better-known kinds found in temperate regions.

    Compare with nymphalid

    Subfamily Nymphalinae, family Nymphalidae (formerly the family Vanessidae)

    ‘There was another dark vanessid that could not be identified.’
    • ‘Butterflies spotted so far include common blue, small white, small copper, brimstone, orange tip, wall brown, small skipper and various vanessids that have come out of winter hibernation.’
    • ‘Many people also fail to realise that this is a long distance migrant, and as with other vanessids such as Painted Lady and Red Admiral, occurs in varying numbers each year from southern Europe.’
    • ‘If you have red sedums in the garden, you'll not find white butterflies on them - they do attract the vanessids.’
    • ‘The presence of large numbers of vanessids in August is a regular attraction.’


Early 20th century from modern Latin Vanessidae, from Vanessa (female given name adopted as a genus name).