Meaning of vang in English:


Pronunciation /vaŋ/


  • 1Sailing
    Each of two guy ropes running from the end of a gaff to the deck.

    ‘Especially in heavy winds, ease the vang an inch or two for the reach.’
    • ‘If the vang is on tight and the wind drops be sure to ease it to maintain good mainsail trim.’
    1. 1.1also boom vangA fitting used to pull a boat's boom down and help control the shape of the sail.
      ‘In heavy air, you need to pull in the boom vang a little more, and in super heavy air, really crank it.’
      • ‘There is a tendency for the boom vang to be pulled on too hard when sailing downwind.’
      • ‘Ease the traveler all the way and adjust the boom vang to control leech tension.’
      • ‘This keeps the controls close enough to the forward end of the boom, but also keeps the stopper forward of the area where the boom vang is attached.’
      • ‘If you are racing, the boom vang can be set tight to flatten the sail enabling the vessel to carry more sail in stronger winds.’


Mid 18th century variant of obsolete fang, denoting a gripping device, from Old Norse fang ‘grasp’, of Germanic origin.