Meaning of vape in English:


Pronunciation /veɪp/

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  • Inhale and exhale vapour containing nicotine and flavouring produced by a device designed for this purpose.

    ‘I'd rather people vaped indoors than smoked outside’
    • ‘many smokers have started vaping e-cigarettes to help them cut down’
    • ‘The ordinance prohibits "vaping" in any location where tobacco smoking is restricted.’
    • ‘He used to be a smoker, but vaping helped him quit, and he wants to provide this assistance for others.’
    • ‘His concern lies particularly with young people - to whom vaping, with its colourful paraphernalia and tasty flavours, has been shown to appeal.’
    • ‘Three years after starting vaping, though still on emphysema medication, Boyd's breathing has improved.’
    • ‘Chapman is also concerned that vaping enables smokers to get a nicotine hit in places where they can't smoke.’
    • ‘I started 'vaping' purely out of curiosity and haven't smoked a single cigarette since.’
    • ‘For Jordan, vaping e-cigarettes means choosing the devil he doesn't know over the devil he does.’
    • ‘I'd much rather take the risk and vape than smoke again.’
    • ‘Having quit on the advice of his doctor, he now constantly vapes an e-cigarette.’
    • ‘I also enjoyed the tip's blue glow when I vaped.’
    • ‘Some juices are loaded with nicotine down while others are simply vaped for the flavor, sans nicotine.’
    • ‘This was the noisiest e-cig I've vaped.’
    • ‘The "smart e-cigarette" is complete with an app so the user can monitor how many times per day they have "vaped" and how much nicotine they have consumed.’
    • ‘I used to smoke, now I vape.’


  • 1A device used for inhaling vapour containing nicotine and flavouring.

    ‘I've been using a vape now for 15 weeks’
    • ‘Never tried a vape.’
    • ‘I was buying juice for a vape that I had bought somewhere else.’
    • ‘There's a huge selection of vapes in such pretty colors, for affordable prices too!’
    • ‘On first impression the quality of the product is far exceeds some of my other vapes.’
    • ‘The second round of rules comes after a March decision to prohibit the use of vapes on county property.’
    1. 1.1An act of inhaling and exhaling the vapour produced by a vaping device.
      ‘my cravings went away as soon as I took a vape’
      • ‘If you only occasionally take a vape, this little gadget could work for you.’
      • ‘When you take a vape, the tip has an attractive LED that lights up white.’
      • ‘Although it may be tempting to "sneak a vape," you don't want to be the person who gets caught and makes an entire plane turn around.’
      • ‘After a few minutes he took another vape.’
      • ‘As soon as he turned around I took another vape.’
      • ‘Every two or three vapes I get a burnt taste.’


1980s (in reference to an experimental ‘non-combustible’ cigarette): abbreviation of vapour or vaporize.