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mass noun
  • Ornamental work in a vaulted roof or ceiling.

    ‘the magnificent fan vaulting’
    • ‘The new building resembled a mediaeval cathedral with its pointed arches, ribbed vaulting and flying buttresses.’
    • ‘In the latter case, Gothic evolved from Romanesque vaulting (modelled on Roman precedent) following brilliant experiments in the eleventh century.’
    • ‘Even the layman can coo over the magnificent ribbed vaulting, an 11 th-century innovation that had European architects squirming with envy.’
    • ‘The Normans used three styles of vaulting: barrel, rib and cross.’
    • ‘The Dean of Lismore gave a guided tour of the medieval cathedral with its splendid Tudor monument, Gothic vaulting and some elegant memorials.’
    • ‘The Gothic style of cross vaulting was an unusual choice, set against the Italianate style of the station building.’
    • ‘The brick vaulting of the wine shop and restaurant dates from the 18th Century when the famous Gallwey family owned the building and operated it as a bonded warehouse.’
    • ‘Originally, the small church was equipped by elaborate vaulting and plasterwork, and the pavement was covered by tiles.’
    • ‘When more complex vaulting occurs - as in the Lady Chapel at Hertogenbosch or the Nassau Chapel at Breda - it is an emphatic sign of elevated status.’
    • ‘It is all the more interesting that Eichstatt Cathedral houses one of the earliest examples of branch work in German vaulting.’
    • ‘The central boss, tying together the ribs of the vaulting, is carved with a double Green Man, the two faces looking in opposite directions.’
    • ‘They were told that an accident in the tower, where two men had been working, had resulted in the partial collapse of some of the vaulting above the knave, just after Evensong had finished at 6.15 pm on Monday.’
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/ˈvɔːltɪŋ/ /ˈvɒltɪŋ/