Meaning of veal in English:


Pronunciation /viːl/

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mass noun
  • The flesh of a young calf, used as food.

    ‘veal and ham pie’
    • ‘Most calves are killed when they are older for beef, but about one million a year are killed as calves for veal.’
    • ‘The rest of my companions had things like smoked salmon salad, steak, bouillabaisse, and veal and pork stew.’
    • ‘This dish consists of pork, chicken and veal cooked in yogurt and garlic.’
    • ‘Yes, pork fat is higher in unsaturated fatty acids than beef, veal, or lamb fat.’
    • ‘Add the red wine and reduce to, drain the bones then add to sauce with veal jus, juniper berries and black pepper and cook for 1 hour.’
    • ‘Angela invites me to spend a day at the Connaught where I am allowed to gut partridges, prep beef and veal fillets and trim girolles.’
    • ‘An equally creamy version with chicken is available, as well as veal or spinach pies.’
    • ‘Brown veal on all sides, ensuring that the meat has developed a bit of a golden/rust crust.’
    • ‘Now the farm has dairy and beef cattle, veal calves, pigs and sheep as well as cereal crops, pulses and vegetables.’
    • ‘Lunch 11.30 am: broccoli, a frankfurter, a roll, salad and braised flank of veal.’
    • ‘Most veal comes from animals that have been artificially orphaned, kept in crates or pens, and have been fed on a diet based on milk powder.’
    • ‘Choosing from Heston's extensive and increasing list of dishes we agreed only that no foie gras or veal would be served.’
    • ‘We use veal at the restaurant, because that is where all the flavour is, but obviously you can use beef if you prefer.’
    • ‘Only some can afford to buy delicacies such as veal, duck, sturgeon, and salmon.’
    • ‘Here, thinly-cut veal is covered in Parmesan cheese breadcrumbs, then fried.’
    • ‘Place in a heatproof cooking bag and add the port, veal stock, onion, and cinnamon sticks.’
    • ‘Their dinner had two courses rather than one, and included luxuries such as veal, capons, pigeon, plovers and tarts.’
    • ‘The wiener schnitzel, a breaded cutlet of veal, is tasty in its own right.’
    • ‘Bolognese sauce should include a mix of meats, particularly beef, lamb and veal.’
    • ‘I roast garlic with olive oil and thyme and add it with finely chopped rosemary to the veal stuffing.’


Middle English from Anglo-Norman French ve(e)l, from Latin vitellus, diminutive of vitulus ‘calf’.