Meaning of Venusian in English:


(also Venutian)

Pronunciation /vɪˈnjuːzɪən/


  • Relating to or characteristic of the planet Venus.

    ‘a Venusian orbit’
    • ‘If water is locked in hydrous minerals in the Venusian crust, it is perhaps possible that any re-release of water could occur locally during volcanism and lava flow activity.’
    • ‘Venus Express will be the first spacecraft to perform a global investigation of the Venusian atmosphere.’
    • ‘Instead of being lined up along the boundaries of tectonic plates like those that make up the earth's crust, volcanoes appear to be peppered randomly over the Venusian surface.’


  • A hypothetical or fictional inhabitant of the planet Venus.

    ‘a bald, purple Venusian’
    • ‘they return home in a Venusian ship’
    • ‘At one point he raises a giant mirror from a standing pool and later a ruched curtain rises to reveal the Venusian emperor.’
    • ‘His speculations about possible Venusian lifeforms helped while away the hours on the plane and the stop-overs at Keflavik.’
    • ‘This marks the 60th anniversary of Polish science fiction writer's first work, about the Earth being attacked by Venusians.’