Meaning of verkrampte in English:


Pronunciation /fɛːˈkramptə/


(also verkramp)
South African
  • Conservative or reactionary, especially as regards apartheid.

    ‘the gravest error he could make would be to halt his reform plans to win back verkrampte voters’
    • ‘I think he is being used by this verkrampte party.’
    • ‘In the South African context of political reconciliation, the verkrampte protestation by Jubilee 2000 is just a smoke screen devoid of meaning.’


(also verkramp)
South African
  • A person holding bigoted and reactionary views.

    ‘The founding of the party was preceded by a bitter power struggle between the verkramptes and the verligtes in the Afrikaner community.’
    • ‘Social change and political challenges divided Afrikaner verligtes (the enlightened) from verkramptes (cramped conservatives).’
    • ‘He was a verkrampte but there were times when he shed tears at the facts - and the faces - we brought to his attention.’


Afrikaans, literally ‘narrow, cramped’.