Meaning of verse-maker in English:



  • A person who writes verse; a poet.

    ‘I have always admired his skill as a verse-maker’
    • ‘The Quakers of Pembrokeshire will be arranging a fortnight of activities in honour of the Pembrokeshire verse-maker.’
    • ‘An anti-poetic Dominican was notorious for persecuting all verse-makers; whose power he attributed to the effects of heresy, and magic.’
    • ‘His father told him that "Verse-makers were always Beggars," and thereafter his interest in poetry was sporadic.’
    • ‘The French verse-makers aimed at something higher than the English, and produced works which depend on pomp and style for any claim to attention they may have.’
    • ‘If the verse makers of our time are to improve on their immediate precursors, we must be vitally aware of the duration of syllables, of melodic coherence, and the tone leading of vowels.’
    • ‘His course in English versification, for example, was not intended to create verse makers but to tempt the students into various kinds of verse making, mainly because metrical composition is an excellent discipline for prose writing.’
    verse writer, versifier, verse-maker, rhymester, rhymer, sonneteer, lyricist, lyrist, elegist