Meaning of vesiculation in English:


Pronunciation /vɪˌsɪkjʊˈleɪʃn/


See vesicle

‘The sloughed area is caused by vesiculation and it in turn has many etiologies including thermal and chemical burns, exfoliative dermatitis secondary to a drug reaction, bacterial and fungal infections.’
  • ‘Particular attention was paid to the description of each part of the stratigraphy, noting features such as degree of vesiculation, fracturing, weathering style, lithology and texture.’
  • ‘These properties contribute to curvature stress that promotes hexagonal phase formation and membrane trafficking through vesiculation and fusion.’
  • ‘Ancillary calculations have established the net heat effect of the prescribed ascent path and demonstrate that the heat associated with vesiculation easily compensates for the heats of crystallization.’
  • ‘The identity and source of the vapor phase that caused lunar lava-fountaining and vesiculation in lunar basalts continues to be of interest because of its implications for the composition and state of the lunar interior and because of its implications for lunar resources.’