Meaning of vesper sparrow in English:

vesper sparrow


  • A small North American songbird related to the buntings, having streaked brown plumage and known for its evening song.

    Pooecetes gramineus, family Emberizidae (subfamily Emberizidae)

    ‘The first thing he wanted to show me, once I rattled into his driveway, was the pasture where the vesper sparrows had built their nest and laid eggs early that spring.’
    • ‘Robins, song sparrows, vesper sparrows, and swallows are not absent, except as breeding birds.’
    • ‘The pint-size vesper sparrows darting in front of the truck seem to punctuate his point.’
    • ‘The vesper sparrow nests on the ground, often near patches of vegetation.’
    • ‘What was especially interesting was that the lark had ‘singled out with affection’ one of our native birds, and the one that most resembled its kind, namely, the vesper sparrow, or grass finch.’