Meaning of vespertine in English:



technical, literary
  • Relating to, occurring, or active in the evening.

    ‘Between superior and inferior conjunction, Mercury is vespertine: an evening star seen setting just after sunset; it is also waning and decelerating.’
    • ‘The illusion that the viewer shares this vespertine light with the painting evokes not merely a sense of spatial unity (viewer and painted scene both under the ‘same’ lighting) but a temporal unity as well.’
    • ‘The latter is a sober and vespertine work, set to Verdi arias and performed by three men and one woman with a plaid, bow-shaped pillow attached to her back, suggestive perhaps of wings.’
    • ‘As the other one danced around a fire that kicked away the vespertine dark, my companion passed me a clay goblet of spirits.’



/ˈvɛspətʌɪn/ /ˈvɛspətɪn/


Late Middle English from Latin vespertinus, from vesper ‘evening’.