Meaning of vest-pocket in English:



  • 1North American (especially of a reference book) small enough to fit into a pocket.

    ‘a series of popular vest-pocket dictionaries’
    • ‘Elliott appreciated Warhol's nonchalance before the camera, and in some respects his own documentary project mirrored Warhol's deployment of the ubiquitous vest-pocket still camera.’
    • ‘The vest-pocket projector could soon become reality.’
    small, little, miniature, mini, compact, fun-size, concise, abridged, potted, portable
    1. 1.1Very small in size or scale.
      ‘a vest-pocket park’
      • ‘While elegantly planned, it remains an under-used vest-pocket park dependent on corporate largesse, a privately owned piece of public space which was never meant to belong to a larger community.’
      • ‘Garbin created this vest-pocket course for a husband and wife (who wish to remain anonymous) as a place where their grandchildren could learn the game.’
      • ‘In preparatory notes concerning this exhibition, ‘Standing Pictures Manhattan,’ Nordman recasts this vest-pocket gallery as an installation, ‘a place of encounter in concert with a work that may have no tangent other than the sun.’’
      • ‘At golf's current rate of growth, look for the rise of vest-pocket courses - small, virtual-reality indoor courses in urban centers that will actually deliver a satisfying simulation of the real thing.’
      • ‘Another is a compact hydrogen ‘sniffer’ that can be connected to a vest-pocket computer to provide convenient measurement and data logging in a hand-held format.’