Definiciones principales de vesta en English

: vesta1Vesta2


Pronunciación /ˈvɛstə/


  • A short wooden or wax match.

    ‘Charles took a candle from its sconce and lit it with a match from his gold vesta case. ‘These are some of my ancestors,’ he explained, holding the candle towards the wall.’
    • ‘Francesca tugged open the drawer of the faded mahogany sideboard and retrieved from it a small silver vesta case.’


Mid 19th century from the name of the goddess Vesta.

Definiciones principales de Vesta en English

: vesta1Vesta2


Pronunciación /ˈvɛstə/

proper noun

  • 1Roman Mythology
    The goddess of the hearth and household. Her temple in Rome contained no image but a fire which was kept constantly burning and was tended by the Vestal Virgins.

  • 2Astronomía
    Asteroid 4, discovered in 1807. It is the brightest asteroid and the third largest (diameter 501 km), and appears to consist of basaltic rock.